Application Lifecycle Management

For many companies “quality management as usual” has become an obstacle to delivering business success.

The decision is no longer whether or not to move to a more efficient model of applications, but how to do so with maximum efficiency and minimal cost and risk. By managing strategic control points throughout the entire application lifecycle and optimizing the functionality, performance, and quality of application, IT can have a more direct - and positive - impact on the business outcomes associated with these applications. Read More

HP Business Technology Optimisation

The HP Software system is comprised of a comprehensive and effective portfolio of software and services.

The BTO portfolio addresses all the key domains of the IT organization – strategy, applications and operations. In each of these areas, we have identified multiple centers, which are tightly integrated groupings of products that solve a particular set of concerns for various IT teams. Additionally, our integration technologies allow us to share information not only across product centers, but with practically any relevant IT data source. HP’s BTO system provides workflow or process automation capabilities within all three IT domains. Read More

What we do

Take a closer look at how Gallium’s business centric approach can make a positive impact at your company, and make the move to a more efficient, agile enterprise.

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